Frequently Asked Questions

01.What does iSignthis do?

The iSignthis patented process is a secure and fast authentication system that preserves customer privacy, whilst meeting the identification requirements for global Anti Money Laundering & Counter Terrorism regulations.

02.I would like to complete Registration later, how do I get back onto the iSignthis system?

If you have registered your email, you will receive an email with details on how to return to complete registration, or you can contact the merchant.

03.Do I need to verify my identity every time I make an online purchase?

Yes, once you have gone through the initial registration all future transactions will require you to enter your chosen personal Secure PIN and a one-time Passcode that is sent to your registered mobile phone via SMS.

The only time you will be asked to re-register completely is:

  1. If you reach the merchants threshold limit.
  2. Or, if you would like to register a different card.
04.What happens if I don't verify my identity?

Your transaction will not be completed if you do not verify your identity, as iSignthis must ensure that you are the true owner of the payment instrument.