Flykk Flow

Flykk® combines payment, banking and eMoney services, which also leverage our Paydentity™ KYC service.

As such the integration for the Flykk service is very similar to the Paydentity product as we perform the same identity verification and payment instrument validation (PIV) before provisioning the Flykk user with an IBAN based account in which to store their eMoney.

KYC data is collected to instantiate KYC however in the case where insufficient quality or quantity of KYC data is parsed, Paydentity™ will request to collect the KYC data in different methods listed below.

– Card Scheme Address Verification Data (US, UK, CA)

– Electronic Verification Sources (UK, US, Australia, Germany, Canada and others)

– BankID (Nordics)

– Government Document Verification Sources (Australia, China)

– Proof of Address Document upload

– Proof of Living Document upload

– Payment Instrument Verification (PIV)

– Other Electronic Sources

For a smoother user experience, it is encouraged that KYC data known should be passed into the API body request by the merchant in the initial call which Paydentity™ will conduct its verification process.

Our patented Payment Instrument Verification (PIV) could be required in certain cases where further assurance on identity is needed or if the card is will be used for payouts.

Once the customer’s identity has been verified, iSignthis in accordance with European Union and Australian Anti-money laundering requirements, Paydentity™ will screen for Politically Exposed Person (PEP), Sanctions (UK, US, CA, AU, EU, UN), Law Enforcement, Criminal Court Judgments and Adverse Media.