What happens after we sign the agreement?

Our Merchant Support team will guide you step by step with the implementation of our product and assist your team during and after the go live with our services.

We can be contacted via an email on customersupport@isignthis.com or via phone on +357 96 779992. Then we will be setting up the sandbox and sending credentials within a week. Below is brief summary of steps to be done prior customer go live:

  1. ISX to provide sandbox credentials
  2. Merchant to integrate and test in staging environment
  3. Merchant to provide ISX with 2 logins to test implementation in stage
  4. ISX to test and sign off integration
  5. Merchant to meet all contractual requirements prior go live
  6. ISX to provide the merchant with LIVE credentials
  7. Merchant to implement live credentials for testing purposes only (not to expose to clients)
  8. Merchant and ISX to test and sign off implementation and agree on go live
  9. Customer go live.