Fraud Protection and management

Mitigate financial risk while approving more orders

iSignthis offers advanced fraud protection tools to help merchants detect fraudulent transactions or even prevent fraud before it occurs.

A proactive approach to fraud

Our FRAML engine is one of the few systems that uses a proactive approach to fraud.

Depending on your industry and risk appetite, you can choose the tools that best suit your business.

In the background of a financial transaction process, our fraud engine reviews the user’s order and calculates fraud/risk, on a merchant’s set threshold and other set parameters.

We use a de-risking technique that allows us to prove ownership of the card and prevent card not present fraud, so that users can keep transacting.

  • Malware detection technology
  • IP & geolocation fencing
  • Device profiling
  • 3DSecure 2.0
  • Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)
  • Customisable risk rules
  • Payment Instrument Verification (PIV)
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