The Benefits

Automated KYC workflow

Manual processes take between 3-21 working days. Our Digital KYC service generates an automated dynamic KYC workflow in as little as 3-5 minutes using the most reliable, independent and up-to-date source of KYC data.

High conversion rates

Perform KYC and pay only for the customers who are willing to engage and pay for your services. Ensure that payments and KYC are aligned to maximise conversions of paying customers.

Verifies current identity

By generating the KYC data in real time, our data, metadata and analytics are based on live data, providing up-to-date KYC. We don’t rely on historic credit reference databases, instead leveraging a person’s financial inclusion and real-time data.

Global reach

Reach 3.5Bn financially included persons in over 200 countries. If your customer can make an online payment, the Paydentity process can be applied.

Sanction & optional PEP screening

iSignthis features in-built Sanction Screening from a number of jurisdictions including EU, UK, AU, US, CA and more, and allows import/export of KYC data from/to your PEP provider.

Real-time analytics

Comparative analytics compare attributes across payment data, cellular and internet metadata, device information, geo-data, language, together with TOR, proxy and IP screening. Our Paydentity, iSXPay and iSignthis customers have the choice of printed or electronic statements, for their convenience.

About Enhanced Due Diligence KYC

iSignthis presents our Paydentity Verified service to deliver digital Know Your Customer (KYC) identity for both customers and Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBO). The service unlocks the identity in a regulated payment instrument to satisfy Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) customer due diligence requirements. The iSignthis Digital KYC service provides compliance with the 3rd and 4th AML Directives, the U.S Bank Secrecy Act, Patriot Act & other FATF jurisdictions.

KYC For Customers

Paydentity Verified incorporates bank verification to achieve regulatory compliance via automated on-boarding with 100% match rates of financially included persons. In today’s digital era, electronic databases of historic information often fail to meet the requirements of this constantly changing regulator landscape, and do not provide the country and customer reach to take your business global.

Merchant UBO Verification

iSignthis offer the first Merchant UBO KYC service to verify the identity of UBOs, directors and key controllers to AML/CFT requirements. This service replaces long manual processes with an automated on-boarding system taking as little as 3-5 minutes, verifying the UBOs determined by your KYB provider.

The Evolution of KYC

How it Works

For Customers

For Ultimate Beneficial Owners

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