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We are a business-focused financial institution and RegTech solutions provider, with a mission to make the onboarding, payment and transactional banking journey better and safer, for both our clients and their customers.

Trusted to provide payment solutions in conjunction with world-leading partners

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iSignthis is a Principal Member of the above card schemes in the EEA and Australia


Our product offerings revolve around optimising the online payment journey in a global, seamless and secure way.

We empower cross-border, regulated and high value businesses with specialist banking services, with a single integration to our solutions.


Identity Platform

PaydentityTM, the only product in the market that converges payments and identity to satisfy strict AML/CFT regulatory requirements for regulated merchants.


Payment Platform

Process payments intelligently with iSXPay ®. More payments and higher deposits with our advanced payment processing, acquiring and settlement.


e-Money Solutions

More of the e-money services you need, less of the banking hassle. Next-generation e-money services like business IBAN accounts, consumer e-wallets and more.

The complete transactional banking ecosystem


Trusted to provide payment solutions by world-leading partners


About the company

We are publicly listed in the Australian and Frankfurt Stock Exchange (ASX: ISX | FRA: TA8) since 2015. As an independent card acquirer and e-money institution, it is our mission to offer services that make the onboarding and payment journey a better experience for both our merchants and their customers, with transparency and integrity.

We pride ourselves in the security standards we keep for our customers’ safety and privacy. We adhere to the most stringent security methods to ensure information is secured to the highest of standards at all times,as well as make sure we adhere to ‘privacy by design’ principles for the data protection of your business and that of your customers.

Technology is in our DNA

We develop proprietary technology to offer solutions that optimize the entire payments cycle, leading to faster and simpler onboarding and processing for both the benefit of merchants and end-users.

A compliance-first approach

All our products have been designed and developed to cater for the strictest regulatory requirements so that compliance works for you, not against you.

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